il sandalo

Fratelli Tesorone

Sandals & The Tesorone Bros.

True to Italian shoemaking traditions following in the footsteps of their father Luciano, the Tesorone Bros., Fabio and Pier Paolo, two young neapolitan entrepreneurs with a passion for the design of sandals, felt the varied needs of the high fashion sandal market. In 1985, the company found fame in Italy and France with their award winning designs for originality and high quality workmanship within their collections.
Hand-crafted leather, fabric and materials are carefully cut and stitched by expert craftsmen utilizing only the finest leather soles and heels, and the sandals are assembled with unique accessories such as glittering laminates and genuine coral, making the work of these expert shoemakers very valuable. The Tesorone Bros. welcome you to visit their shops within the U.S. and Italy.

Il Sandalo Italia

The Sandal & Origin

Certainly, sandals have been the first footwear ever made - possibly due to their simplicity. All ancient civilizations have come across at least one sandal version. And, since early civilization, sandal designs have evolved in style, form and shape. Today, the influence of new manufacturing technologies, the introduction of new materials, and with aid of highly skilled craftsmen, the shoemaking industry has been revolutionized. Special thanks go to Salvatore Ferragamo, whose shoes and sandals acquired a power of seduction in the 1920’s and 30’s. Elegant, yet practical at the same time, Salvatore Ferragamo’s creations have given exceptional importance to the humble job of the shoemaker.

Il sandalo di Capri

Sandals & Isle of Capri

Thanks to the creativity in design and highly skilled shoemakers, many small shoemaker-shop-owners brought forth a burgeoning industry - as sandals became the attraction of many tourists visiting the Isle of Capri in the 1960’s. The jet-set, world of high-society and celebrities such as Sofia Loren and Jackie Kennedy were fascinated with the sandal designs in the region inspiring a global obsession. Today, these small shop-owners continue to thrive, as the public continues to travel to Capri in search of unique sandals.